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Oil absorbent pads. They come in 100 pads/bale. These are particularly useful for spill clean up of petroleum based products because they will not absorb water and only pick up the oil.
Recycled Oil only Absorbent Pads  (15″ x 18″) 100 per bag
(Suited for petroleum based waste streams only. For all other waste stream use Universal Pads.



Universal absorbent pads. These will absorb not only petroleum based products, but others as well. They can be used for acid/alkali clean up where as the oil only pads cannot. Note: These will absorb water and water based products as well.
Universal Absorbent Pads (15″x18″)  100 per bag.
(Suited for all waste streams including but not limited to: Petroleum based products, acids, bases, antifreeze, etc.)



We offer a variety of boom (long, large absorbent snakes that have clips on the ends so they can be clipped together in a chain) and sump pillows  that float on water and absorb petroleum products. They are useful for spill clean up and as precautionary measures against potential spills.





Absorbent snakes are similar to boom, but smaller. They also float on water and come in both universal and oil only varieties. They are effective at removing contamination off the top of water and preventing run off.
Comes in Oil Only & Universal
Oil Only Sock; 3″x4′, 40/case
Oil Only Sock; 3″x8′, 20/case

This absorbent comes in 25 pound bags. It is an all purpose absorbent that is able to pick up water, grease, oil and petroleum products quickly and easily. We have it available by the bag or by entire pallets at a time. This is the absorbent we choose to use for our emergency responses due to its effectiveness at soaking up spills quickly and its ability to ground up into a powder form that soaks up the spill more efficiently than other products on the market.

Recycled Absorbent Pads

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