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Can I use my own drums to store hazardous waste?
You may use your own drums for hazardous waste storage if it has either a UN stamp, or UN Sticker. This stamp/sticker indicates that drum meets the necessary ratings for us to safely transfort this drum.
Also, the drum must not be excessively damaged or leaking. Damaged drums are not suitable for transportation and we will have to transfer them into new drums. Common damage that makes a drum unsafe is: heavy rusting (corrosion of drum sides or bottom), gouges, large dents (small dents are usually not a problem, but large dents can compromise the integrity of the drum). The lid should also be checked to ensure it fits on the drum and the gasket is not compromised. Hazardous Waste drums need to have their lids secured with a ring that uses a 15/16 Bolt with a nut. One of our drivers can evaluate the damage and let you know if the drum is in shippable condition.
How do I need to label my drums?
As part of our service, we will not only label your drums but keep them up to date for you. Hazardous Waste drums need to have a hazardous waste marker (pictured below), that is properly filled out with your facility information as well at the contents of the drum. Certain waste streams also require numbered hazard stickers(pictured below).
If you are unsure how to properly label your drums feel free to consult one of our drivers, or give us a call at: 800-559-3274

How does a drum pickup work?
We can either do pickups for you on a set schedule, or have you call in whenever your drum is full. When picking up a full drum of Hazardous Waste, we will then leave you a replacement drum. When on site we not only label the replacement drum, but we also check and if needed re-write your other haz-labels. This part of our service ensures that our customers stay in compliance with local, state and federal regulations.
For questions about pricing or to schedule a drum pickup give us a call at: 800-559-3274
What kind of drums do you offer?
A picture of the types of drums we offer can be found here.
We stock drums in: 55g, 30g, 20g, 15g, and 5g. These drums are available in either steel or poly, whichever fits your needs.

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