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Hazardous Waste Disposal Services

Fremouw Environmental Services, Inc. (FES) was founded in 1996 by Ted & Nancy Fremouw.  They realized that there was a need for providing quality service to people that generated waste.  They continued to grow their client base by word of mouth based on a reputation of good service.

In 2004, Ted and Nancy expanded by purchasing a hazardous waste company that specialized in drummed waste.  By the beginning of 2006, they had hired two employees and purchased two more trucks.

In June of 2006, ten years after they started, the Fremouw’s recognized a choice between staying small and managing only key waste streams for existing customers or the opportunity to expand and strengthen their footprint in Northern California with full service waste management for drummed and bulk waste streams that included hazardous, non-hazardous, universal and e-waste.  They chose the latter to better achieve their main objective which was and still is, helping more people with top quality service while managing their waste.  To help achieve this goal, they offered partnership opportunities to dedicated company employees and family members who worked for and helped to build the company.  The new partners were tasked with different divisions such as Operations, Safety & Compliance and Sales & Marketing.

Fremouw Environmental Services, Inc. moved to a twelve acre facility in Dixon, CA in April of 2012.  This location allowed for further expansion in January of 2013 by opening another division called Environmental Paint Solutions, LLC (EPS).  EPS specializes in recycling leftover latex paint.  Leftover paint poses a significant environmental and cost burden to local governments and the state.  Paint represents 40-60% by volume of all Household Hazardous Waste collected at HHW facilities.  In order to reduce the amount of paint ending up in our landfills, EPS strives to recycle, remanufacture and re-use what is on hand.  EPS remanufactures latex paint with very low VOC’s into a “like new” product at a reduced cost compared to virgin latex paint.  EPS also manufactures virgin paint.

FES focuses on helping people.  With 35 devoted employees and many strong, invaluable and long-term business relationships, Fremouw Environmental Services, Inc. is one of the largest independent environmental management companies in California.  They specialize in solving challenges and problems with preferred solutions for our customers regarding the management of hazardous waste.  FES is recognized as an up and coming industry leader with a focus on delivering innovative solutions, with cost efficiency for our professional services!  The collective knowledge, hard work, integrity and experience of all of us at FES are the reasons people come to us to service their waste needs.  These are the reasons this company is growing into one of the best environmental service companies in the country.

The “core business” remains the same to this day with the difference being that FES has gone from collecting and disposing of around 100,000 gallons of three waste streams per year to 7.5 million gallons of liquid waste and 10,000 drums of numerous other waste streams all while keeping Ted & Nancy’s main objective of top quality service to the customers central to the Fremouw Environmental Services, Inc. story.