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Below are examples of some of the hundreds of hazardous waste pack outs we have done.
Old drums containing used oil and oily water.
Waste paint and waste latex.
Everything from flammable liquids to pesticides and corrosives.
Waste latex.
Part B paints.
This is an example of how we pack out your waste. This is a cubic yard box full of waste paint related materials.
A Hazardous Waste Pack Out is when we show up to your site and pack your waste in to D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) Containers for safe removal.
We do everything from personal garages to entire laboratories with hundreds of different chemicals. We have the experienced personnel it takes to safely pack hazardous waste.
When doing a pack out we will first send out a technician prior to the pickup to inventory all of the waste streams at the site. This inventory is then handed off to one our customer service representatives who then ensure that all the proper paperwork is completed and that the wastes are shipped out in accordance with Federal, State and Local regulations. 
FES personnel will handle everything from the inventory, to the paperwork, to the packing and removal of the waste from your site. We are a full service provider and pride ourselves in strong customer service. We have been safely and legally handling hazardous materials since 1996. We have the expertise you need to remove waste from your site in a safe and cost efficient manner.
If you have any questions or would like to request an inventory, please call us at: 800-559-3274
Hazardous Waste Pack Outs



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