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Hazardous Waste Disposal Services

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Vacuum Tankers
Vacuum tankers assist in cleaning oil water separators, sumps, tanks and spills. Our vacuum tankers are capable of collecting liquids, solids and sludge at a fast rate making it possible to move large volumes of waste quickly and efficiently.



Box Truck & Flat Beds
The box trucks at FES are outfitted to service our customers with site cleanups and lab packs as well as regular pickups such as drum, chemical, electronic and universal wastes.



Box Trailers
Our box trailers allow us to transport large quantities of solid and liquid drum wastes from our customers to recycling centers and disposal facilities.



Bulk Tankers
Bulk tankers are very useful in shipping large quantities of liquids. By pulling a set of tanker trailers we can transport tremendous volumes of liquid in a limited amount of time.



Emergency Response Utility Trailers
Our E.R. utility trailers are ready to mobilize 24/7 to respond to your emergency. These trailers are outfitted with every useful tool used in containing and cleaning spills including PPE, absorbents, booms, drain covers, vacuum drummer, pressure washer, generator, water, PTO operated pump, totes, drums, shovels, picks, brooms, saws, cutters, trimmers, tools and much much more!



Roll-Off Bins/End Dumps
Roll-Off Bins are used to ship a large volume of solid or sludge waste directly from the generator to a recycling or disposal facility. Using
roll-off bins can save our customers thousands of dollars by limiting container costs and disposal pricing on bulk quantities of contaminated debris, soil and other hazardous or non hazardous wastes.



FES has several pickups for pulling various utility trailers and transporting personnel to jobsites. These types of pickups include 4×4’s and crew cabs as well as being outfitted with liftgates, making it possible to move containers from hard to reach locations.



Hazardous Waste Disposal Services